It is always a good idea to consult the expert and this field is no different – I can do a confidential audit of your website and give you an independent opinion. You will not be subjected to sales talk – I guarantee.
We have numerous techniques to put your business ahead of the competition – from lead generation to email marketing and more. We will implement strategies and refine processes to increase cost efficiency.
Clients are now more visually orientated and when you have good video you will be favoured by Google – if it it done properly. Good client reviews are a favourite technique that enhances your brand position.

We Are Dedicated To Our Users & Product

Simply put, we thrive on making our clients look better than the competition

Let’s be realistic, all businesses now realize that advertising in papers etc is becoming less and less effective, but yet there is a hesitation in abandoning this method.  The more bold business person will embrace the online world, and with support from a professional , they will be able to quantify and evaluate every click – which is more than can be said of the odd phone call from a newspaper ad.
When we accept your project you will begin to get a clearer understanding that when we explain our plan of action – you will see, that we will seamlessly take the redesign of your online presence through to the creation of sales funnels, customer acquitition, customer retention referrals and split testing to a whole new level. We also give you access to our software so that you can see our work – presented in report form and available 24/7.   .

Oakwell will become your ‘one stop’ media department.

  • We will make your website fully responsive for smartphone and tablets.
  • We will recommend advanced marketing strategies to beat the competition.
  • You remain in total control and we consult with you at every step
  • We will work exclusively for one business client – you !
  • We will manage your traffic sources and email campaigns
  • We offer ‘out of hours’ support because we care about your site as much as you.
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We undertake every project in complete confidence ?

Our clients are released from the tedious and time consuming chore of keeping websites current and informative.

I didn’t have a website . but I did have social media – but there was a vital ingredient missing, I approached Oakwell, as recommended by a friend, to find concise and clear advice.  I commissioned a new website and I was always able to contact Edwin to make tweaks and changes. He also showed a flair for doing research in my niche and he came up with sound ideas.  Overall, this has been a painless 5 star experience.
Amazing experience – the process was clearly laid out and there were milestones agreed.  The project went as planned and there were a number of little bonuses added – at no extra charge.  We now have a well oiled sales funnel in place which already is paying dividends – a really excellent business investment.
Mr B.A
Let me say something. Our website was so old it could have featured on The Antiques Roadshow – we revamped the site, we added an ecommerce capability and now we have moved up from the Third Division into the Premiership – in one season !  In football terms Eddie has put it the back of the net !  You get what you pay for.  Highly recommended.  
Trevor J.
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Edwin at Oakwell has many options to suit every business situation

If you want to improve customer conversions, create sales funnels, dominate your niche or just improve your business through advanced reputation marketing - you need to give us a call.

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